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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Stumbling around the internet I just happened upon this site full of puns.

These two made me laugh out loud (yes, I actually lol’d):

…Baby seal walks into a club… what a tragedy…


…A guy walks into a bar. “OUCH!”…


Another one on the puny site (*heehee*) reminded me of a joke my favorite ex-roomie tells a lot:

What do Budweiser and sex in a canoe have in common? Continue reading

Today, I was invited by a friend from work and her husband to take their recently adopted viper red ’65 Mustang for a spin with them.

Please hold the line while I *faint*.

For those out there who are not familiar with this magnum opus of a car, here’s what it looks like:

(click on image for source)

Continue reading

For the last two years, whenever I’d been staying at Hubby’s, he’d make me sit on one very uncomfortable wooden folding chair after another in front of the computer. I even had to steal my own cushion out from under the cats purring away sleeping in the old armchair. Continue reading